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Tormynak Contracting

Tormynak Contracting has been servicing the restoration industry for over 20 years. This business was started when Tony was asked to replace some cabinets that were damaged by a small stove top fire. The challenge was there to replicate these items and to make it look like nothing happened while bringing peace of mind to the clients. Needless to say, the clients were pleased with the results and Tony decided that this was the right path to follow.

While Tormynak Contracting grew, many jobs gave us obstacles and headaches one after another. It was difficult attending a client’s home and not being able to provide a solution. Over the years of being in business, we have worked with many clients and partners to produce various products and techniques that would be the solution. Our products and services have shown numerous times that expectations are met or have been beat.

We specialize in that hard-to-find cabinetry. We can work with you to custom build that special cabinet that you have seen on your favorite social media site, but are not able to pinpoint where it can be purchased. With different and unique building practices, we are able to minimize any interruptions in your home and your life.



Tormynak Contracting provides the following services:


Replace Cabinet Doors

POP-IN Retrofit Cabinetry

Closet Shelving

New Cabinetry and Hardware

Custom Color Matching